Migration to Shopify or Shopify Plus

Are you ready to take your e-commerce venture to the next level? The migration to Shopify Plus is your gateway to unmatched scalability, advanced features, and exceptional performance. Using Shopify or Shopify Plus can be a great option for your business, but you may already be using a different platform for your online business.
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Our Shopify Migration Services Includes

Audit of extensions and modules

When it comes to migration, our initial focus is on comprehensively evaluating your existing site. We meticulously assess the installed modules and extensions, creating a detailed list. Through this meticulous analysis, we identify that approximately 60% of the modules are no longer necessary, allowing us to exclude them from the migration scope.

In this crucial stage, we prioritize the identification of all third-party systems that connect to your platform. Understanding these integrations ensures a seamless transition to Shopify.

While many extension vendors offer modules compatible with Shopify, we strongly recommend consolidating your module configuration by utilizing a single extension vendor whenever possible. This approach simplifies the setup process and guarantees optimal compatibility. As an added bonus, we are delighted to provide exclusive coupon codes that unlock valuable discounts for your module purchases.

At Linescripts, our aim is to streamline your migration experience by thoroughly analyzing your site, optimizing module configurations, and providing cost-effective solutions for a successful transition to Shopify.

SEO audit of existing website

One of the utmost priorities during migration is safeguarding your organic rankings or preparing for improved rankings on your new website. To achieve this, we strongly advise investing time in resolving any existing issues on your Shopify site even before embarking on the migration project.

Typically, there are common indexing issues with the current website that may pose challenges in the future. By proactively addressing and rectifying these issues beforehand, you adopt the best approach for a seamless transition.Maintaining consistency is key when it comes to meta titles, meta descriptions, and URLs for categories and products. We highly recommend keeping these elements identical to your existing Shopify site, ensuring a smooth continuity and minimizing any potential disruptions in search engine rankings and user experience.

At Linescripts, we prioritize the preservation of your organic rankings and the optimization of your SEO efforts. By addressing any existing site issues, maintaining consistency in metadata, and streamlining URL structures, we lay a solid foundation for your Shopify migration, empowering your business for continued success.

Data Migration

As part of our commitment to ensuring a seamless data migration experience, we have partnered with Cart2Cart Migration Service. We are pleased to offer you an exclusive 20% discount coupon code to assist you in organizing and executing a successful data migration.

With Cart2Cart's reliable migration service, you can trust that your data will be transferred securely and efficiently to your new platform. Our partnership allows us to provide you with additional value, ensuring a cost-effective and streamlined migration process.

Shopify Technical SEO audit

We prioritize the implementation of proper SEO practices for your Shopify website. We have meticulously identified all the necessary tasks to ensure that your Shopify site is developed with a strong SEO foundation. Unfortunately, many developers neglect these essential considerations, resulting in complications and time-consuming fixes.

Our team is committed to addressing key tasks that significantly impact your website's SEO performance.These tasks include: Organizing proper redirects, Configuring proper noindex, follow, nofollow tags, Organizing proper canonical tags, Optimizing product snippets and small tweaks that are very critical to be done before launching a new site.

Shopify Go-live

Ensuring a smooth transition without any disruptions is our ultimate goal once everything is set. To achieve the best scenario that is both cost-effective and efficient, we recommend coordinating the DNS with Cloudflare.

Ideally, we advise connecting Cloudflare to your original website ahead of time. This proactive step allows for a seamless switching process by enabling a swift DNS switch-off. By doing so, the chances of encountering any issues with cached DNS are significantly minimized.

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