We are not just software developers, we are solution providers!

Here, growth and new-age business is the norm. We believe in constantly upgrading ourselves and settle for nothing less than the best while being ethical and virtuous.


Why Us

why us

We Optimise your business process.

With customer centric approach, we here, at Linescripts will do comprehensive study of your business processes to identify the probable fixes or improvements and provide the best possible solutions to those.

why us

Grow Revenue -> CRM, Business Intelligence, etc.

There are various ways through which you can grow your revenue, just get attached with us to identify which one will be best fit for your business. By using our customised CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) and BI (Business Intelligence) tools you can move seamlessly towards the growth of your business.

why us

E-Commerce solutions with online stores.

This is the time to say goodbye to the classical offline stores and create your own online selling platform. With our E-Commerce solutions, you can simply create your own online store and sell anything. Features like vendor management, delivery management, multi stores, etc. will definitely boost up your online sales.

why us

Help you grow your digital presence.

If you have a business and want to grow your digital presence, you are at the right place. We have digital marketing experts at your disposal to get you the recognition you deserve and the one your competitors would wish for.

Our Services

Web Development

It is incredibly crucial for you to have a website elegant enough to captivate a potential customer. With the world in the midst of a digital era, your website speaks for you. Quite often, it proves to be a first impression of your brand, service and/or product. A matter of aesthetics and pure talent, Linescripts employs a group of brilliant minds to create a website powerful enough to establish your brand.

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ERP Development

An integral part of the corporate business process, Enterprise Resource Planning plays a significant role in helping you build a pedestal for growth. The real-time amalgamation of finances, accounting, human resources, manufacturing, logistics and management through a database system indeed seems practically difficult to implement but you need not worry about that. We have you covered in the best possible way.

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Mobile Development

Smartphones have taken up most of our Internet usage in addition to the most of our day. Your website will frequently be visited by your user and potential customers on their mobile phones. And let’s be honest, a same website for a computer as well as a mobile phone defines laziness and frugality. Linescripts offers you the finest mobile development services to help you appease your stress on the brand’s web presence.

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UI/UX Designing

Of course, designing a website and buying a domain to house the webpage is merely the beginning. People tend to prefer websites with better user interfaces and are more inclined towards one with a friendlier user experience. A better website does not necessarily mean a more complicated one. We look into that for you and build you the finest and simplest website, seamlessly suited to the brand.

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SEO/Digital Marketing

Indeed, you want to be the best at what you do, right? Well, what if you are but you struggle to find the recognition? Not pleasant, right? Don’t bother to ponder over such pessimistic thoughts. We have SEO experts at your disposal to get you the recognition you deserve and the one your competitors would wish for. You have to stand out and we help you ameliorate your strength so you stand your ground, undaunted.

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