Odoo Training

Get ahead in your ERP implementation with expert training on Odoo. Our experienced trainers provide a comprehensive learning experience, allowing you to effectively manage and utilize the application to meet your business needs. Enroll now and stay ahead of the game.
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Odoo Training Plans

Functional Training

Gain a deeper understanding of Odoo's functionalities with our training course. This program is perfect for clients, service providers, and end-users who want to master the platform. Our training covers the functional aspects of Odoo in a simple and easy to understand manner.

  • Functional Odoo training for clients, infrastructure providers, and end-users to understand platform functionalities.
  • Covers key aspects such as project management, accounting, inventory, HR, etc.
  • Includes hands-on exercises, real-world examples, and interactive sessions with experienced trainers.
  • Main goal is to equip participants with skills and knowledge to effectively manage and utilize Odoo for their business needs.
Or 16,335.00 per 4 Hours
Plan Benefits & Features
1 Day (4 Hour/Day)
Module include CRM, Marketing Automation, Social Marketing, SMS Marketing
Want to know more about our odoo training customized packages, send an e-mail to contact@linescripts.com
Or 40,960.00 per 20 Hours
Plan Benefits & Features
Odoo installation
2 Days (4 Hour/Day)
Want to know more about our odoo training customized packages, send an e-mail to contact@linescripts.com

Technical Training

The Technical Odoo Training program is designed specifically for new candidates and IT professionals who want to learn about Odoo customization and development. The training covers the following topics:

  • Installing Odoo on Linux and Windows: You will be introduced to the structure and design of the Odoo framework and its various components.
  • Understanding the Odoo Framework: Gain the knowledge and skills required to install Odoo on either Linux or Windows operating systems.
  • Developing Custom Odoo Applications: Learn how to create and customize Odoo applications, including the development of new modules and customization of existing ones.
  • Programming Languages in Odoo: Familiarized with the different programming languages used in Odoo development, including Python, XML, and JavaScript, and how to use them effectively in their projects.

Corporate Training

Corporate training focuses on companies utilizing or transitioning to Odoo for their business operations.The training covers:

  • Module Training: Covers the use of specific Odoo modules relevant to the company's business operations.
  • Live Demo & Interactive Sessions: Allows hands-on application of learned knowledge with real-time scenarios and immediate feedback.
  • Video Training: Offers flexible and convenient training with visual aids and step-by-step instructions.
  • Live Support: Provides access to experts for guidance and assistance. Ensures that employees are equipped to effectively use Odoo.
Or 82,084.00 per 20 Hours
Plan Benefits & Features
20 Hours
Up to 5 Users
Module include sales, Purchase,Inventory, CRM and Accounts
$150 per extra user
Want to know more about our odoo training customized packages, send an e-mail to contact@linescripts.com
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